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Just Before The Summer Arrives

Milliyet Cadde writes that Turkish artists like Tarkan, Sertab Erener and Ajda Pekkan are busy working on their new albums, all aiming to release them just before the summer arrives.

According to Milliyet’s report, Tarkan’s new album will be available in the music shops in mid-May. The report also says that Tarkan, who has been working non-stop in DB Music Studio in Kavacık for some time, has finally prepared approximately 20 new songs, some of which have  been written by Sezen Aksu and some by himself; he now has to choose which songs to include in his new album.


Charges Against Tarkan

Doğan News Agency has just reported that the prosecution in Istanbul has filed charges against Tarkan and sent Tarkan’s file to court.

In accordance with the Turkish Penal Code, Article 191-1 Tarkan is charged with up to 2 years’ imprisonment for purchasing, keeping and using drugs and admitting to its use. He is also expected to undergo drug rehabilitation and to be on probation and court supervision.