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“Moments We Love Tarkan”

The June 2010 issue of Billboard Turkey has just come out with a special report entitled “The Countdown to This Summer’s Hottest Top 40”. The report written by Atilla Aydoğdu covers many artists whose new albums or videos will be released in the coming weeks. And, Tarkan is, of course, one of these. “Is Tarkan really coming back?” asks Aydoğdu and continues: “Will Aysel Gürel’s strength as a lyricist make it possible for Tarkan to get back on track? ”  Aydoğdu later lists the five special “moments” when he loves Tarkan.

Here is Billboard TR’s Top 5 “Moments” from Aydoğdu’s perspective: 1) The moment he openly said “I have a pee” when he had a pee.  2) The moment he laughed at his “inappropriate photos” infiltrated to Turkish press. 3) The moment he remained cool when his past affairs were unfolded by “the other side”. 4) The moment he sang “The Winter Sun / Kış Güneşi” 5)  The moment he was himself not someone else or the well-behaved, baby face kid.


Tarkan the Clear Winner

In his column today, Aksam’s Oray Eğin writes about Tarkan: “Neither Demet Akalın nor Hande Yener… and not Işın


Karaca with her “arabesk” songs, either… It seems that Tarkan will be the clear winner of the summer season.”

Eğin later explains why he thinks Tarkan has made it right this time: “He is not making music for the sake of being a world star. He is not “adjusting” his music just to make it appealing both to the local and foreign music markets… He seems to have understood that he needs to do something not to be forgotten and left behind. It is now obvious that he has worked hard… and eventually managed to come up with a very good song.”

Eğin also writes that Tarkan’s song is not “cheap” unlike the other songs in the market: “It is definitely above the standards; it will be a hit… It has a good rhythm… is catchy… and includes some attention-getting phrases.”

And at the end of the article, Oray Eğin makes a confession: “It’s been almost a week since Tarkan’s song was released… I wasn’t curious about it at first… I even didn’t listen to those who said “But this time it’s really good”… Then out of curiosity a journalist would naturally have, I listened to the song… And thank God, I listened to it! It will be this summer’s hit song.”