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Tarkan’s Harbiye Concert

Tarkan’s first concert at Harbiye Theatre is covered extensively in the Turkish media. According to a report by Hurriyet, 6500 tickets were sold for last night’s concert although the theatre could hold only 5000 people. Tarkan fans, the report says, carried a big banner reading “your name is carved forever in our hearts; we have never loved anybody else like you” – here you can, of course, identify references to the lyrics in Tarkan’s new songs.

Like Hurriyet, Vatan has also covered Tarkan’s Harbiye performance. Vatan’s Zehra Çengil reports that there was a long queue of almost 1 km at the entrance of the theatre before the start of the concert. Çengil’s report shows that Tarkan could not help referring to the latest controversy about “arabesk” music ignited by Turkey’s worldwide acclaimed pianist Fazıl Say. Tarkan is quoted saying, “We all love arabesk; it cannot be denied.”
Both newspaper reports also quote Tarkan thanking his audience, “You have not left me alone on such an important day. I am in love with you all.”


One response

  1. Giselle

    We love you too Tarkan!

    I’ve been to Istanbul a few times and always wished I could have the opportunity to see him in concert … jump on the stage and dance with him!! :))))))

    Oooohhhhh … now I’m not in Istanbul and I’m very upset because my dream won’t come true.
    Amazingly enough I stayed in Harbiye!!!

    Well, Tarkan if you read this, please call me ;)) maybe you can come to the US again !!! :(((( I can help you with your concert … at least I can dance :))

    Lots of love,


    August 10, 2010 at 9:39 pm

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