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Tarkan’s Latest Music Video: “Öp”

And finally! Tarkan’s first music video from his album, ‘Adımı Kalbine Yaz’ (Write My Name Across Your Heart) is out!

TarkanPLUS International Comment: What stands out in Tarkan’s video clip “Öp”? Its dynamic nature, the successful use of space and camera movements, the very initial scene where Tarkan confronts himself in the mirror, the color white to refer metaphorically to ‘being cleansed from his sins’ and maybe most of all his tuxedo appearance.

Tarkan’s new music video has received media coverage as well: It was mentioned in the news programs of national television stations such as News with Can Dundar on NTV and Music News on Kral TV last night. In addition, referring to the opening scenes of the video, Hurriyet used the headline “Tarkan in Bed” on its webpage whereas Aksam chose to focus on the number of hits the video received as soon as it was available on Tarkan’s offical website: “Tarkan was “kissed” 92.000 times in 12 hours”.

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Deniz – İstanbul/Turkey:

“I am a great Tarkan lover! I love his voice and music but also highly respect his presence, individuality and creativity. In fact his aura and existence is beyond time and beyond space…

I would hate to see Tarkan get hurt and condemn the ruthless criticism that too often surrounds him. However, considering Tarkan’s ‘noble’ presence, the lyrics of the song and the fact that he is supposedly portraying himself in the story, one wishes to see one female character only rather than so many ‘bums and boobs’ in his long awaited first video clip, ‘Öp’ (Kiss). This is not you Tarkan…”


Tarkan’s Bursa Concert

It has been reported on Bursa Municapilty’s web site that approximately 3000 fans crowded in Anatolium Shopping Mall’s parking lot in Bursa to listen to Tarkan on September 18, 2010. Tarkan stayed on stage for two hours singing his old and new hits. According to the same report, there were also many physically less able people who attended Tarkan’s concert. The website referred to the concert as a highly memorable event.

The Anatolium Shopping Mall is Bursa’s largest shopping mall opening its doors oficially with the Tarkan concert.