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“Tarkan Needs A New Sound”, Claims Dilmener

Naim Dilmener, Turkish music critic, claims that Tarkan needs a new sound. In his section “Musical Diary” in the September 2010 issue of “Milliyet Sanat”, the Turkish art and culture monthly, Dilmener critiques Tarkan’s 2010 album.

Dilmener states that Tarkan’s new album is clearly better than his previous “Metamorfoz”; “It has the color and taste of albums like “Ölürüm Sana” and “Dudu”. Tarkan’s vocal style is just like the style he had in his heyday.” Dilmener adds, “except the song “Öp”, however, in his new songs, there is no room for new musical experiments which would help Tarkan move further. These are like the polished versions of Tarkan’s good old songs; they will be popular for a few months but in the meantime, Tarkan should take a step back to reflect on his work. He needs a new sound. He can’t say “I will go back to my roots”. This is not enough. In addition to Ozan Çolakoğlu, he needs to work with people like Nezih Ünen and Tarkan Gözübüyük, people who would be brave enough to experiment with a new sound for Tarkan…”


One response

  1. Merva

    People need to stop criticizing tarkans new album n songs so much. He’s been in the music industry long enough to know what sounds good n what not. If you think tarkan needs to make songs like his old albums, then just listen to his old album. He’s an artist, he should be able to work however he likes. Him and his team know
    best. And even if tarkan came out with the worst song ever. Everyone would still love the song, because everyone loves him. He’s TARKAN! No one is like him!

    September 17, 2010 at 5:27 pm

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