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Tarkan in Full Swing in November 2010

Tarkan has had a very busy schedule since the release of his new album in July 2010. The eight concerts in Harbiye Open Air Theatre in Istanbul along with others in different cities have all proven that all the good titles Tarkan has earned for his artistic qualities are well-deserved.

When Tarkan works, he works in his own unique way, not trying to gain publicity through some futile act that would cause sensation. He makes music, performs and tries to draw people’s attention to environmental issues.

Recently Tarkan has made himself heard through his concert in Ankara and his collaboration with National Geographic.

In the first week of November, Tarkan was in Ankara for his concert in the Ankara Arena; the venue that had hosted the 2010 FIBA World Championship on November 6th. According to a report by Habertürk, the Arena, one of the largest venues in Turkey, was packed with people who wanted to watch Tarkan live on stage. There were many among the audience who came from neighboring cities and towns. The reports in the Turkish media all commonly quoted Tarkan saying “It has been very long since I last came to Ankara but it is well worth it!” In addition, Abdullah Ortaç, reporter for “e-ha”, underlined the fact that Tarkan hypnotised his audience with his songs and his performance in the Ankara Arena.

November 2010 has also witnessed Tarkan’s collaboration with National Geographic Turkey. At the beginning of the month, the wild life photographs Tarkan took in Masai Mara, Kenya, were published in the magazine along with an interview with him. The interview, no doubt, concentrated on Tarkan’s activism on environmental issues and his love of photography.

Tarkan took photographs for the National Geographic Magazine after he gave his voice to “Great Migrations”, a new National Geographic Channel documentary series.  Tarkan’s contribution to NGC by “giving his voice” to the series was widely covered by Turkish newspapers and on TV channels. The first episode of the documentary dubbed by Tarkan was broadcasted on November 7, 2010 in Turkey.

In the National Geographic Magazine interview, Tarkan explained how the collaboration with the National Geographic Channel started: “We were in a meeting discussing a different issue. This new project came up spontaneously. And I accepted it with no hesitation at all. I think my inner voice and enthusiasm about the preservation of nature just made it come true. When you want something to happen so much, it happens. This is what realized and learned through this project”.

In the interview, Tarkan also commented on the documentary: “This is certainly the best documentary ever made about the migration of animals. There is so much effort and sweat, patience and planning in this work. As a lover of nature, it was important for me to be involved in it. I found out new things about animals, which amazed me so much. “

After dubbing the documentary, Tarkan travelled to Kenya. It was his first ever visit to this beautiful land: “I found more than I had expected there. It was exhilarating to see the animals in their natural habitat. However, I was so worried to see that their natural habitat is getting smaller and smaller due to the rise in human population. I even sometimes felt uncomfortable touring in the parks thinking all these animals were being disturbed by the vehicles surrounding them.”

The most exciting moment of his journey in Kenya, Tarkan says, was when he saw the animals from above as the plane was about to land… and the magnificence of the stars in the camp.” (Maybe when the goddess of inspiration visited Tarkan…)

Tarkan also mentioned about his love of photography in the interview: “I took photographs non-stop. There were times when I left my camera aside to enjoy the moment. But I took so many photographs. And at nights, in my tent,  I uploaded these photos on to my computer… these were special moments. ”

The agreement signed by the Chinese and Tanzanian governments to build a highway through the Serengeti, the location of the Great Migration was another thing Tarkan highlighted in the interview: “I heard about it when I was in Kenya. This agreement will ruin wildlife, leading to the extinction of many species of animals.”

At the end of the interview, Tarkan also talked about his love of photography: “I first developed an interest in photography 4 or 5 years ago. I was amazed especially when these photographs made me aware of some details about the animals, things I had been unaware of earlier. And their beauty… I would like to improve myself as far as photography is concerned. I would like to get training in this. I think photography is my second obsession after music.”

Tarkan concludes the interview by highlighting his aim in taking photos: “Through the photogrpahs I take, I aim to share the beauty of nature and animals with others and especially with those who live in big cities and tend to forget all about nature.”

In addition to the news above, Akşam, Turkish daily, reported that Tarkan and Ajda Pekkan are currently doing a duet for Pekkan’s new album, which is due to be released in February 2011.

Last but not least, Tarkan will cover the December issue of Elle!!! The website of Elle magazine claims that Tarkan has broken all the taboos for them.Tarkan will be the first male artist gracing the cover of the magazine in 11 years’ time.

David Burton, the famous photographer who took Tarkan’s and the Swedish model Faye Vrethem’s photos in İstanbul for Elle, said in an interview in Turkish daily Radikal “working with Tarkan was easy; he is very professional. You don’t need to explain things; he just gets the hint”.

Burton, who photographed worldwide famous stars such as Kate Moss and Eva Herzigova in the past, also said in the Radikal interview that Tarkan looks very good in photographs.


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