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Tarkan in the Citrus World

According to a report by Gulsen Cebeci Ballim in today’s Radikal, the Citrus Promotion Group has increased exports to Russia 40% through their collaboration with Tarkan and is now trying to promote their sales in the Middle East with some stars from Turkish TV series that have been quite popular in many Arab countries. Turkish soap operas have recently been regarded as Turkey’s cultural exports to Asian, Eastern European and Arab countries.

The report underlines that the promotional campaign with Tarkan to promote the sales of “Turkish oranges” has proven to be very effective and the contract with Tarkan has therefore been extended till the end of January 2011. The Group also said, in the report, that their agreement with Tarkan still continues in Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

As TPI readers might remember, while Tarkan was in custody, there were rumors that the Citrus Group might terminate or not renew their contract with Tarkan. However, it seems that there has always been demand for Tarkan.


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