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Tarkan’s Bayram

Tarkan’s special “bayram” concert in Mardan Palace, an ultra-luxury hotel in Antalya, has hit the headlines in Turkish media today. Depending on the Doğan News Agency’s report, Turkish daily Milliyet’s supplement “Cadde” called Tarkan “Bayram Şekeri” (Eid sweet) and highlighted that Tarkan’s performance on the last night of Kurban Bayram was excellent and the concert was a highly memorable event. Some local newspapers in Antalya also covered the Tarkan concert in Mardan Palace.

Like Milliyet, Turkish daily Sözcü covered the Tarkan concert on its second page but from a “money” perspective. Sözcü gave a list of Turkish artists, along with Tarkan, who gave concerts during the Bayram holiday and how much they made from these concerts. Sözcü’s claim is that Tarkan got 400, 000 TL from the concert whereas Gazete 5 wrote that the money Tarkan earned was 225,000 TL.

“Gazete 5” also covered the Tarkan concert on its website, reporting that Tarkan had lots of tea and juice before the concert, sang 21 songs and did not talk much between the songs but welcomed his audience at the beginning of the concert, wishing them a happy bayram. According to the same source, Tarkan stayed the night in the Presidential Suite of the hotel.

As announced on its webpage, the ultra-luxury hotel Mardan Palace offered its customers a “Sacrifice Feast Package”, which included 5-night accommodation, buffet breakfast and buffet dinner, a gala dinner on November 17th with Didar Çalık and a second gala dinner on November 19th with Tarkan.


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  1. I am American but, i just love Tarkan.He is an amazing singer and performer.I love the way he dances.He is very sweet and interacts so well with his fans.My dream is to meet him someday.I love his music and i will continue to listen to Tarkan.I wish he would do a concert in America.I have friends who love Tarkan too and enjoy his music very much.God bless you Tarkan.Keep singing.:) ❤

    May 14, 2011 at 3:36 am

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