Since December 2009 – Istanbul/Turkey

Tarkan on TPI

All About Tarkan on TarkanPLUS International

/Tarkan the Clear Winner /
Tarkan On Kral TV /
What Tarkan’s New Song Might Whisper In Your Ear /
Tarkan Has Come Back /
Reading Tarkan’s Latest Photograph /
Tarkan’s Smart Move /
Tarkan Will Appear on Stage on May 17,2010 /
Tarkan is Back! Time of Rebirth! /
Moving to Miami? /
Discovering the Turkish Rock Band “RUJ” /
Just Before The Summer Arrives /
Charges Against Tarkan /
Tarkan’s Comeback Appearance in May
Residue of Suspicion /
Tarkan in the Emre Aydın Interview
Tarkan in the Behzat Gerçeker Interview /
Digital Tarkan /
Tarkan and Cut-and-Paste Journalism /
Tarkan in the Nil Özalp Interview
Tarkan and Identity Formation /
Identity Politics of Diasporic Communities and Tarkan /
Tarkan On TRT Arabic /
Tarkan and Tourists /
Nil Özalp Thanks Tarkan /
Tarkan, Fazıl Say… And Others /
Looking At Tarkan Through Feminist Lenses /
Tarkan To Revive Turkish Classical Music /
Tarkan As “An Exemplary Popular Text” /
Tarkan the Phoenix /
Tarkan in Newsweek Turkey: Celebrity-ness /
When Tarkan Felt Blue /
The Citrus Promotion Group Says “Tarkan” /
“A Jolly Life” Has A Tarkan Song /
Loving Tarkan and His Songs
Deeds Talk Louder Than Words
“This is not an opportunity to hit Tarkan!”
Recent News From The Tarkan Front
Tarkan Turns The Ignition On
Tarkan’s New Album
Tarkan’s Lawyer on NTV
Tarkan’s Warrior Hat
Tarkan Detained By Police In A Narcotics Raid… Tarkan Released!
Tarkan’s Taksim Square Concert
Commodification of Tarkan
Just like Tarkan
Tarkan’s Hitt Back Again
A night with Tarkan
Tarkan as an icon of culture


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  1. awatef jabeur

    you are prince of romance

    March 10, 2010 at 9:50 pm

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